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Product Content

Our policy is one of constant development and improvement. Whilst this Website is accurate at the time of publication, you are advised to check these specifications with the product. It is intended to help with your purchasing decision. It is not intended to replace the installation manual which provides more detailed information and should be disregarded if specifications and / or appearances are changed in the interests of continuous improvement. 

All appliances featured in this Website are CE marked as complying with the relevant appliance directives, produced under surveillance to BS EN ISO9001:2008 series. 

FSD Legislation  

From 1st January, 2008 new Gas Safe regulations state that all gas products being installed into multi-dwellings such as flats or apartments are required to be fitted with a "flame supervision device" (FSD). This is sometimes referred to as a "flame failure device" (FFD). In the event of a flame going out, the device is designed to detect this and will cut off the gas supply. The appliance will function correctly again when you next use it. This is not a requirement for commercial properties, detached, semi-detached or terraced houses.



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